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vSphere 6.0 Fault Tolerance – New Features

by Roger Lund

Today Announces the next major release of VMware’Fault Tolerance Product.  Note. These facts are pre release, thus I will update any changes if necessary, All Facts are direct From VMware.

New features

  • Enhanced virtual disk format support
  • Ability to hot configure FT
  • Greatly increased FT host compatibility
  • 4vCPU per VM.
  • Up to 4 VM’s per Host. ( 10GB required.) or 8 vCPU’s per Host.
  • Support for vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP)
  • API for non-disruptive snapshots
  • Source and Destination VM each have independent vmdk files
  • Source and Destination VM are Allowed to be on different datastores
Stay Tuned for a walk through.
Update: a post vSphere 6 – Clarifying the misinformation has been posted to clairify any changes that have or will happen between beta and this post. I did my best to validate that my information is correct.
Roger L

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