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What’s missing in Chrome OS?

by Philip Sellers

Following up on my earlier post about Chrome OS, I got to thinking.  Google has GMail for email, Talk for chat, Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, and a slew of other cloud based apps.  But what is missing from their portfolio and therefore missing in Chrome OS?  I know we don’t know most of the details yet, but we can imagine that the system (being simple and secure) would have very little in it – maybe Chrome browser and maybe a GTalk client.

1) Music – we’re a world accustomed to iTunes and buying our music online.  Where will that fit?  How will it — or simply will Chrome OS handle media files?

2) Video – Sure, like music, what about video playback?  YouTube is great, but there aren’t any video editing tools online as part of YouTube – you have to somehow capture and piece together your videos.   I’ve never encountered an online video editing software (yet…).

3) Gaming – Sure EA is making some of their games available online and it is generally accepted for game consoles to have online portals to download games – but how will Chrome OS accomplish this?  Will it shy away from this on its underpowered hardware ?

4) Photo editing  – Sure, Google has Picasa, but will it be packaged with Chrome OS?  It has Picasaweb, but its features are currently very limited and its space is also.

What else am I missing – I’m sure there is more…

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