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Quicken updates timeline again for Financial Life

by Philip Sellers

Quicken has again pushed back its release date for Quicken Financial Life for Mac, now anticipating its release in February of 2010 .  This is about the third time that Quicken has pushed back the release of this new software.  It was originally debuted (in much the same form as today) back in January, 2008, at MacWorld and was heralded as a top-to-bottom rewrite utilizing modern Mac development frameworks.

For those in the beta test program, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise.  Quicken Financial Life shows a lot of promise, but many of the features are yet to be implemented.   The release was supposed to come during the summer months of 2009, but any reference to that release have since been hidden on the Intuit website.  Pages of information previewing the release have been removed and the Quicken Blog post is the only source for any current information.

My personal frustration over this release is apparently shared by many users, judging by the comments left on the blog post.  I wonder why it taking so much time to show any real progress in the product.  QIF import, for instance, isn’t implemented making transferring your historical data next to impossible.  The only way to import historical data is upgrading from Quicken for Mac 2007 – which I don’t own.  Capturing what’s left of the switchers, like myself,  is a big way that Intuit could capitalize and profit with this release, but it seems to be ignored.  Oh, well, time will tell.

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