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Almost 30 years later, Apple ][‘s still showing up

by Philip Sellers

One of my other passions is the TV show LOST on ABC.  I’ve been an avid Lostie since it debuted about four years ago.  And what I’ve found as a geeky side-game is the producer’s use of old Apple hardware in the series.  We have seen one of these in the Swan station, which played prominently into the story line as the survivors had to enter their string of numbers every 108 minutes to keep the station from exploiding.   We also saw another in the Pearl station, with an Imagewriter attached…   Given the history on the island and the timelines, its a very cool addition for the core geek audience that follows the show.  

In the past couple weeks, we saw another Apple computer at the tail end of the episode, off the island.  One character is trying to track the location of the Island using the computer and a giant pendiulum.  (I feel sorry for anyone reading this who doesn’ watch the show… I’m sure you’re Lost.) But it has to say something about culture that these machines have endured for almost 30 years.   I think its a major highlight for the significance these computers played in the personal computer revolution.  And just one of those geeky tie-ins that I feed on…

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