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Apple working on Home Media server?

by Philip Sellers

9to5mac has a post that speculates that Apple is working on a Home Media server.  I certainly hope so.  This is the biggest issue to the multi-Mac household, like mine.  We have three Macs in my house and the biggest issue we have is sharing our music  and moreso video between our computers.  We purchase all of our media under the same iTunes account and so each of our Macs are authorized to play, but keeping them in sync is the biggest issue.  If only we had one large repository for all our photos, music and videos…  

I’m sure I’m not the only Mac user who feels this way.  It doesn’t need to be an enterprise quality server, but something to allow my Apple TV to retrieve content and a place for my individual Macs to keep a SINGLE copy of every item we purchase.  A library, if you will, where each of my Macs can check out the content.  Its also something that needs built in backup of some kind for itself, so I’m not sure I buy the whole Time Capsule on steriods theory from 9to5mac, but still that wouldn’t be a bad idea.  

I’ve even gone as far as offering this suggestion via the online form in Apple’s website once or twice, so I’m hoping the rumor is true.  And if its true, I hope we are all surprised with an announcement at MacWorld, though I doubt it will be then.  For that matter, I hope we’re surprised in the same was as when the iPhone debuted and not in the way we were when the Apple TV debuted, though I’ll admit, I bought both…

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