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Busy, busy all the time

by Philip Sellers

And now, a post about nothing…..

Its finally happened.  I missed  a day in Google Reader… I didn’t read any of my news today.  I never got caught up enough at work to actually have time to take in the news.  I also didn’t have time to read much of my personal email during the day.   The day flew past and it was 4:22 (see my twitter feed) before I knew what happened, and I was no where near where I wanted to be as far as my task list was concerned.  So, tomorrow is a day to play catch up.

I guess that’s the problem – is problem the right word?  I guess that’s the delimma.  By virtue of the iPhone, I’m pretty much connected except when I’m sleeping.  I can get my news, I can get my email, I can get to the Internet from just about anywhere.  And for me to have 600 things waiting to be read in Google Reader – that’s saying something.

I guess its also like the wireless commercials that were airing in the south (maybe nationwide) last year – all the things you can think about when you don’t have to think about minutes…  I’m waiting for some mindless reboots after upgrading VMware Tools tonight and this is what I’m thinking about.  I guess, I could be reading all those things in Google Reader instead of posting this, but oh well.  I have one major reboot that needs to happen tonight – 2 am – <sarcasm> Yay! </sarcasm>.

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