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Cloud Foundry Overview , a View by Chris.

by Roger Lund
Cloud Foundry Overview
      A brief look at Cloud Foundry shows it can support multiple frameworks, multiple cloud providers (public and private), and multiple application services all on a cloud scale platform. It was delivered recently by the global leader in virtualization, VMware, and is available today.
    After reading the press release of Cloud Foundry, it seems that the clouds framework is becoming more advanced by the day. Just recently they announced a new cloud service, open source PaaS (platform as a service), known as Micro Cloud. Thousands have gathered at the live VMware event showing of this new exciting service. The best thing about cloud foundry is you get to choose your framework, choose your cloud and choose your application services which make this service very versatile.
Early versions of PaaS have shown to be very limiting to frameworks, applications and basically locking developers into restricted movement for everything accessible. 
Now there will multiple delivery models of the new Cloud Foundry: New VMware Operated Developer Service, Open Source, Community PaaS Project, New Cloud Foundry Micro Cloud and Cloud Foundry for the Enterprise and Service Providers. All of these services are well versed in open technology, and is extremely essential to all forms of Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry has a basic open architecture that promotes additional programming frameworks to be rapidly supported in the future. 
Initially this service will support MySQL, Redis and MongoDB databases. 
“Cloud Foundry’s open architecture and community process will enable developers to enjoy PaaS productivity and simplicity while extending the technology to their specific needs.” (Rod Johnson, SVP – VMware).
This looks very interesting and it will go a long way in the cloud computing services.


Blog Links:

Cloud Foundry — Delivering on VMware’s “Open PaaS” Strategy
In the development area, we are focusing on simplifying application creation, deployment, and operations via an approach we call open platform-as-a-service, or “Open PaaS”.
Steve, please be advised I am the owner of the trademarks “Open Platform as a Service” Open PaaS” and OPaaS — Now I read that VMware has also invented the “worlds first open platform as a service”… two days ago.”

Launching Cloud Foundry, The Industry’s First Open PaaS

“Cloud Foundry: an open source “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) from VMware allowing easy deployment of applications written using Spring, Rails and other modern frameworks.”
“Cloud Foundry eliminates time spent installing and configuring infrastructure such as application servers and JVMs.”
Christopher Foderick — IT/VMware Intern

Editor’s note; Nice job Chris. I encourage your writing, find a style that seems to fit and build on it. While , I am not by profession, someone that is directly effected by the above’s offering, I think it could have a large effect on business. It is a spirited move by all parties.

To the reader’s, please post any feedback for Chris, and don’t be to harsh, as it is his first blog post.

Roger L

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