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HP brings native filer capabilities to the 3PAR line

by Philip Sellers

3parstoreserv7000Today, HP announced new file and cloud object storage capabilities native to the 3PAR storage line.  The 3PAR File Persona software suite brings native file share and Object API file capabilities to the 3PAR arrays.  Powered by a new set of controllers, the File Persona is available on HP’s new 3PAR StoreServ 7200c, 7400c, 7440c and 7550c models.  The new ‘c’ designation is a sign of a new controller on the 3PAR arrays, still based on the same ASIC as the previous 7200 and 7400 models, but with increased cache to handle the File Persona’s demands.

The 3PAR StoreServ 7440c is a new hybrid array that features all the same performance as the all-flash 3PAR StoreServ 7450 array, including over 900,000 IOPS of performance.  The 7440c features 16Gb Fiber Channel capabilities and up to 3.5 Petabytes of storage in a combination of flash and spinning disk.

The 3PAR File Persona software suite allows CIFS, NFS and object storage natively within the 3PAR OS and no longer requires a separate server fronting the array to provide the file store capabilities.  File, block and object storage can all be managed from a unified management interface and from a single storage pool, offering advantages for customers over competitor’s arrays, according to David Scott, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Storage at HP.

From checking with HP folks, existing 3PAR 7000 customers will require new controllers or a new array to make use of the File Persona software suite.

Disclaimer: HP invited and paid for my trip to attend HP Discover EMEA.  The views and opinions I’ve written were not dictated or approved by HP and are my own.  

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