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HP is taking the cloud message on the road with Pathways to Cloud

by Philip Sellers

HP is taking exploration of cloud on the road with the Pathways to Cloud Road Show.  The roadshow is a 14 city tour across the United States showcasing HP experts to unpack and discuss strategies to move the enterprise towards cloud technology.  It kicked off last week in Houston and Boston, will be visiting Orange County and Seattle this week and all ending up in San Francisco on April 19.

The event will be a time to meet with HP’s cloud experts and discover the important, cloud concepts.  Attendees will learn how to discover the present landscape of their datacenter and learn how to move towards cloud-ready or cloud-enabled services and constructs to make a cloud a successful possibility.  The show kicks off with a keynote devoted to navigating from traditional IT to convergence, a buzzword and theme from HP in the last several years, and from convergence to the cloud and the Instant-On enterprise as HP brands it.

HP is a great resource to learn from in the marketplace because they are uniquely positioned with a full portfolio of hardware, software and services to enable the private, public or hybrid cloud for customers.  HP is taking an open approach to cloud and enabling customers to outsource or grow from a private cloud to a large list of public cloud providers, as well as managing clouds which may be composed of several different external providers or several different hypervisors internally.

With cloud being a complex and multifaceted concept, the one thing that is clear is that moving towards a cloud solution has many, far-reaching implications to an organization.  HP reaching out in this way is an indication of how steep a learning curve many customers are going to have and this opportunity to fill in the blanks.  Cloud has the potential to fundamentally change the way that organizations views and uses IT.  Cloud requires changes from application packaging to deployment and maintenance.   Understanding why is important before embarking, so Pathways to Cloud is an excellent event to attend – look for a date in your area.  I’ll be heading to the New York date to find out more myself.  Perhaps, I’ll see you there.

To find out more about the event or to register, please go to http://www.hp.com/go/pathwaystocloud.

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