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HP Pro 612 tablet aims to replace your work laptop

by Philip Sellers

It wasn’t much of a surprise that when the HP Printers and Personal Systems group arrive to the blogger’s briefing, they were showing off a tablet.  To be exact, HP’s PPS group brought the Pro 612 tablet to show off.

HP Pro x2 612 detachableThe HP Pro 612 is targeted at business users and includes the full range of security offerings that consumer products are missing.  Starting at just 2 lbs., the tablet has a range of processors  including an Intel i5, offering desktop quality processing inside a tablet.   The Pro 612 includes the HP Sure Start BIOS, which offers a primary and backup copy of BIOS in the event of corruption or infection, it includes a smart card reader and an optional finger print reader.  It is equipped with LTE and WiFi and features one USB 3.0 port.

The tablet is loaded with Windows 8.1, but has options for running Windows 7 also.  This is still in response to customer request who are not ready for Windows 8.  On an interesting note, HP staff said that the tablet display also integrates Wacom technology and an optional pen may be used with the tablet for precision needs.  Based on prior feedback, the unit includes a ‘garage’ to store the pen.

In terms of accessories, the tablet can be coupled with a travel keyboard or with a power base.   The travel keyboard is a very thin keyboard and stand with adjustable positions and includes an additional USB port.  The travel keyboard takes the total weight of the tablet to 3.1 lbs.

The power base features a number of connectors including VGA and Display Port for graphics, an RJ45 connector for wired network, and a couple USB 3.0 ports.  And best of all, it includes additional battery power – taking the tablet’s 7 hours of battery life and extending it another 7 more hours.  HP staff said they expect users may buy multiple keyboard docks – one for work and one for travel or home – just transporting the tablet back and forth.

Bundled with the power base, it becomes the HP Pro x2 612 and is targeted as a laptop replacement and becomes a detachable system.

Retail pricing and availability date for the Pro x2 612 has not been announced and the units we got to see were development demos.  For additional details and to sign up to be notified when the laptop is available, head over to the HP Pro 612 page at hp.com.

Disclaimer:  HP invited me to HP Discover as a blogger and covered my expenses to attend the event.  I also spoke at a session during the event.  As always, the views and opinions stated on this blog are my own.  HP was given no editorial control over content or topics for my posts.  


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