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I can now buy a Mac in Myrtle!

by Philip Sellers

Well, its taken years, but it’s finally happened. I can actually walk into a store and buy a Mac in MYRTLE BEACH! I knew Best Buy was expanding their Apple mini-store program… It took me by surprise because I had no idea that a lower level market like Myrtle would be getting this so soon…

So, the story… Yesterday, I took the afternoon off. I ran down to the beach for a few errands and swung by Best Buy. Just inside the door, I was greeted by the most wonderful of signs. “Now Open” and the beautiful Apple logo!

I made a v-line for the back of the store and there it was – mecca – a mini-Apple Store in the Myrtle Beach Best Buy. Ok, so yeah, I’m a little carried away, but you have to realize that for years on years, the only way to get a Mac in Myrtle Beach was to order it online. Yes, there was THAT one Apple shop, but the word Shady doesn’t even begin to describe them. Last year, I stumbled upon a store in Garden City – “The Mac Guy”. He’s more of a business consultant Apple partner and specializes in music – Logic Pro and the like.

I’m thinking that I just might have to go and buy a shiny new one soon. I’m holding out for the inevitable refresh to come later this year. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a redesign of the MacBook Pro line, but how can you improve perfection?

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