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MacBook redesigns around the corner?

by Philip Sellers

File this under “its about time.”  AppleInsider is reporting from “reliable” sources that redesigned MacBooks and MacBook Pros will be surfacing middle of October.  I’m ready to upgrade my trusty Powerbook for a nice shiny MacBook Pro.  I have been holding out for a redesign.  The design has largely stayed the same through the Intel transition and even after the introduction of Leopard.  For Pro users, the redesign is way overdue.  

Engadget is showcasing a supposed redesign photo of the new hardware, which sports curves like the 3G iPhone, iMac and MacBook Air.  It also shows a suspect glass trackpad with the dock integrated.  I’m not sure how likely that will happen, but the overall look of this example would be a nice update – with the curved sides and the black glass outline around the LCD.

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