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Macworld Keynote highlights Myrtle beach, sort-of

by Philip Sellers

Ok, file this under the means-nothing-to-anyone-but-me department, but the cool thing from the Macworld Keynote yesterday for me came during the iPhoto ’09 preview.  While demoing the Geotagging features of iPhoto, Phil Schiller showed the “Places” interface and showed off how it works.  It is basically a framed in version of Google Maps which has pins (like on the iPhone) to represent places where your photos have been taken.  Well the lucky pin chosen to show during the demo happened to be good ‘ole Myrtle Beach.    When they zoomed in to the location, I was like – hey, that looks familiar and then they zoomed into the label and sure enough, there’s our stretch of shoreline.  Yes, it only lasted for 10 seconds, but still, I thought it was cool.  For a little resort town on the East coast, who better than Apple to give us a little shout out in front of millions of viewers…   Now, if we could just translate the shout-out into an official Apple Store… Please Apple, please….

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