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My one lonely certification

by Philip Sellers

Certifications have always been something high on my list to-do, but something I never seem to get to.  I did all the research and read skimmed most of the Microsoft library in a quest for MCP and MCSE about 8 or 9 years ago.  I never took a single test.  About five years ago, I switched jobs and did full-time web programming for a university.  I got the books and started studying for Zend PHP certification.  Never took the test.

I moved back into my preferred career path about 3 years ago now (my 3 year anniversary with HTC is June 6!) and certifications became something I wanted again.  I think the desire is to prove that I know what I profess to know.  At the same time, I’ve met a number of certified professional who are about as dumb as dirt when it comes to the technology they are certified on, but I digress.

So, to date, I have completed just one certification exam for our corporate mail product.  That was a test I took at the tail end of the training course.

I have spent two and a half years working very hard to learn VMware – the in’s and out’s of the software – and the gotchas that might bite.  And so, I want to be VMware certified.  During my annual review, I also submitted VMware certification as one of my annual goals.  It will be included in my review for this year.  So, that was motivation to finally take this test and make it happen.  So, I will update you on my quest for certification.

Being a Windows administrator for the company, I feel like I should have a Microsoft certification or two.  Given Microsoft’s new certification program, I am not sure what certifications I want, so that too may be something to ponder.  Updates coming soon…

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