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New MacBook Pro in my future

by Philip Sellers

Apple has just announced redesigned MacBooks and MacBook Pros at an event held in Cupertino.  This is the first resdesign in almost 5 years for the MacBook Pros.  The Pros have kept essentially the same design as its Powerbook predecessor and there have only been incremental improvements (such as adding integrated iSight cameras).  The new hardware also uses the same manufacturing process as the MacBook Air.  Apple went into great detail showcasing this process during the event.  Jonathan Ive was brought to the stage to talk about the new process.  Apple also showcased its environmental report card with the new laptops.

So what are we getting in the new hardware?  For starts, out with the integrated Intel graphics and in with new NVidia 9400M chipsets.    For the Pros, you get two GPU’s to choose from – one for economy (battery life) and one for performance.

I had been waiting patiently for the redesign before buying a new MacBook Pro.  I have had the same sad Powerbook for over 4 years now and its about time to get something newer…

Note: I started this draft in October and it never got published… since that time, I have ordered my MacBook Pro and it has arrived… I’m loving that too!

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