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Returning from HP Cloud Tech Day

by Philip Sellers

I am currently sitting in Atlanta airport waiting on my flight to return to Myrtle Beach.  I am returning from Houston, TX, where I have been on-site at HP’s facility to learn more about cloud and HP’s CloudSystem in particular.  Although cloud was our primary focus, we also spent some time looking at other innovations like the EcoPOD and Pod Modular Data Centers.  For me, the EcoPOD was an highlight of my past couple days and I have lots to tell my wife about what HP is doing to condense and improve efficiencies of data centers to make them green.

We spent the week diving deep into the HP CloudSystem solution – viewing the workflows and automation that make it tick, learning about the products included and how they are used, and learning about directions for networking and storage for cloud.  Coming out of the event, I have a stronger understanding of how we could transition our organization towards a cloud and a better idea of the tangible benefits it would enable, something I have struggled to understand thus far.

I was fortunate to be with a diverse and intelligent group of bloggers for the event.  Each of us came from a different background and represented a large cross section of the customers HP services, from small business to enterprise and government resellers.  It left for lots of great conversations and debate about products, offerings, use cases and other details for the businesses we represented.  I’ll encourge you to follow these folks below and their blogs:

Patrick Pushor

Christopher White

Phillip Jaenke

Matt Vogt

Bob Stein

John Obeto

Chris Wahl

Frank Owen

Michael Letschin

Ofir Nachmani

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