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The week ahead > VMworld 2011

by Philip Sellers

The upcoming week is another exciting one with VMworld on the horizon.  I will be on site at VMworld thanks to Thomas Jones’ Bloggers Reality Contest, just one of the perks of participating in the competition.

VMworld 2011 will have a lot of new information to share about the newly released vSphere 5, which went live yesterday.  vSphere 5 has a slew of new features, including the introduction of Storage DRS, rearchitected high availblity (HA), port mirroring in vSwitches, VMFS5 and filesystem enhancements, and many more.  I hope to learn more and write about Storage DRS in more depth, as its one of the bigger feature sets added and it encompasses a lot of technology and capabilities.

The week is also one of the best networking (as in people, not wires) events of the year.  With over 17,000 attendees planned this year, it is by far the largest of events I have ever attended.  I’m looking forward to seeing some folks I met at HP Discover this year and hopefully meet some other folks I’ve run into on Twitter.

All in all, I’m really looking forward to next week.  I always come back to work with some grand ideas after VMworld, so I expect this year to be no different.

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