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Updating VMware Certification to VCP5

by Philip Sellers

One of the additional questions I have had about the introduction of vSphere 5 is how I would update my VMware Certification to the vSphere 5 level, VCP5.  Fortunately, the answer is really simple.  Existing VCP4 holders will be able to take the VCP5 exam and upgrade their certification without any additional course requirements until February 29, 2012.

VMware offered the same path for existing VCP3’s when vSphere 4 was introduced in 2009.  The course exemption is again a time limited offer.  After February 29, those who attain or hold a VCP4 will be required to attend the $1495 “VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5]” class.  The class is a 2-day class and can be attended in a classroom offering or an online offering.

For individuals who do not currently hold a VMware certification, the “VMware vSphere: Install, Manage and Configure [V5]” class is required before testing. People holding a VCP2 or VCP3 certification are treated the same as someone without a certification.

For more info, see the Certification section of the VMware website.

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