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VMware Fusion 2 versus Parallels Desktop 4

by Philip Sellers

Well, for as much as Parallels touted their Desktop 4 product is 50% faster, I have to admit that I’m initially impressed with Fusion’s speed.  Its running extremely well on the same virutal machine that I imported from Parallels.  The only nagging problem is the stuipid Norton Antivirus which apparently thinks I have changed systems – as well as Windows that had to be reactivated… 

Also, for anyone taking part of the Parallels conversion to Fusion – if you’re running the Desktop 4.0 product, you’ll need to use VMware’s converter product to transfer your virtual machine.  Fusion 2.0 cannot import the new format that Desktop 4.0 introduced.

Update: Norton Antivirus is working fine after reboot… So, no problems in moving between Parallels Desktop 4.0 and VMware Fusion 2.0…

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