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VMware Fusion for $10 for Parallel’s owners

by Philip Sellers

Since I’ve blogged about my great problems with the Parallel’s Desktop 4.0 upgrade, I couldn’t not post this in case you’ve found yourself in the same boat.  VMware Fusion is being offered at 50% off for Cyber Monday.  (Just use the coupon code “CyberMondayDeal” on checkout).  In addition, if you are a Parallels Desktop or Microsoft VirtualPC owner then you qualify for an additional $30 rebate as a competative upgrade.

So, given that I had such a hard time, I’ve decided I’ll buy – heck, $10 ain’t much – and give Fusion a real try, running it in production.  So, I guess I should revise my virtualization history to say – I’m now VMware at home and work!

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