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VMworld 2009 San Francisco, Day 2, AM Edition.

by Roger Lund

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VMworld 2009: Hands-on Lab sessions

Yesterday I did 2 hands-on lab session at VMworld that were very good and I would suggest to try to get into these labs. When you haven’t registered there is still a good chance to get in, at least from what I have seen today. There were a lot of people waiting to get in, but I think most of the people that did not register for the lab still could get in.
LAB 4: VMware vSphere™ 4 – Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting
You can expect to use vCenter, esxtop, and vscsiStats to identify and troubleshoot performance issues related to: Improperly configured storage, aggressively over-committed memory, heavy use of SMP virtual machines and other memory, CPU, storage, network, guest OS, and application issues. Scott Drummonds was the presenter of this lab and I must say that he and the other lab-staff members did a real good job. If you can’t get into this lab, you should really read more about vscsiStats.
LAB 5: VMware vSphere™ 4 – Security Hardening & Best Practices (vShield Zones)
In this lab I got the chance to play with the vShield Zones Firewall Virtual Appliance along with the VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch, 802.1Q VLANs, and some of the new role based access controls. It was a good lab to get some hands-on experience with vShield-Zones.”

VMworld 2009: Session presentations available and new logo

I was checking my schedule for VMworld 2009 with the online schedule builder and I noticed a pdf-logo in front of some of the sessions. These are the slides of the presentation given during that session. So if you want to know more about a session or if you are not able to get in, you should check the online schedule builder and take a look at the slides.
There are also a couple of online-only sessions available. These sessions cover topics similar to those from VMworld 2009, but are not actual speaker sessions presented at VMworld in San Francisco.
While I was at www.vmworld.com I watched this video where Richard Garsthagen tells about the new VMware logo that was introduced this week. Apparently, the boxes in the logo (representing VM’s of course) are removed from the logo because VMware is a lot more than that nowadays.”


EMC Virtualization Solution Offering

EMC, long seen as a storage vendor, in reality, provides a wide range of products both hardware and software, which when combined with industry leading business transformation consultancy and Virtualization services offers a unique set of solutions for the nascent Cloud infrastructure. This documents highlights EMC’s many integration points with VMware from the perspective of Physical and Virtual environment Managment and Monitoring, Security, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Storage solutions
EMC – Why EMC for VMware brochure Aug 2009.pdf (795.8 K) “


PHD Virtual Technologies

PHD Virtual Technologies.zip (608.6 K) Download


StarWind Software iSCSI target presentation

Presentation of StarWind Software iSCSI target for Windows-based systems
Product presentation.pptx (967.1 K) Download
VMworld 2009 General Sessions

VMworld 2009 General Sessions are your opportunity to learn about the latest trends and directions in virtualization from those driving the industry. In addition to the General Sessions on main stage, we’re offering VMworld 2009 Super Sessions hosted by VMware and our platinum sponsors.
Welcome and Opening Keynote
Paul Maritz, President and CEO, VMware, Inc.
Tuesday, September 1, 8:00am – 9:00am
     Tuesday and Wednesday
Paul Maritz joined VMware in July 2008 as President and CEO. Prior to joining VMware, he was President of the Cloud Infrastructure and Services Division at EMC after the company’s February 2008 acquisition of Pi, where he was the founder and CEO. Before founding Pi, he spent 14 years working at Microsoft, where he served as a member of the five-person Executive Committee that managed the overall company. As Vice President of the Platform Strategy and Developer Group, among other roles, he oversaw the development and marketing of System Software Products (including Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 2000), Development Tools (Visual Studio) and Database Products (SQL Server) and the complete Office and Exchange Product Lines. Prior to Microsoft, he spent five years working at Intel as a software and tools developer.
Born and raised in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Paul is a graduate in Mathematics and Computer Science of the Universities of Cape Town and Natal in South Africa. He serves on the board of VMware and several privately-held software companies. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of the Grameen Foundation, which sponsors third-world development projects and provides microfinance support around the world. He has an active interest in wildlife issues and in using technology to improve life in developing countries.
The Future of Virtualization: From the Mobile Phone to the Cloud
Dr. Stephen Herrod, Chief Technology Officer, VMware, Inc.
Wednesday, September 2, 8:00am – 9:15am
Stephen Herrod is responsible for VMware’s new technologies and collaborations with customers, partners and standards groups and was named CTO of the Year by InfoWorld in 2009. Stephen joined VMware in 2001 and has led the VMware ESX group through numerous successful releases. Prior to joining VMware, he was Senior Director of Software at Transmeta Corporation co-leading development of their “Code Morphing” technology. Stephen holds a Ph.D. and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he worked with VMware’s founders on the SimOS machine simulation project.”
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