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HP has released Powershell for iLO control with more to come

by Philip Sellers

PowerShellHP showed off its new, free Scripting Tools for Windows at Microsoft TechEd this week on the expo floor.  The scripting tools are specifically Powershell cmdlets for iLO control in the version 1.1 release.  The cmdlets allow you to script a number of functions against the iLO management processors.  The Powershell cmdlets work against iLO 3 and iLO4 which roughly equates to Proliant G7 and Gen 8 models.

Talking with Ana Machado on the showroom floor, this release is just the first of many to come that will expand the capabilities of the toolkit to include additional hardware.  I logically take that to mean that we will see expanded support for BladeSystem Onboard Administrators and other components in the future, though she didn’t specifically say.

With over 100 cmdlets included in the toolkit, users will be able to common tasks easily from pre-prepared scripts.  For instance, if you have a standard username and password assigned for iLO, you can easily create a script to execute and add your standard login using the Add-HPiLOUser cmdlet.  The cmdlet either takes parameters through the command line or prompts you parameter by parameter during execution.   Another potential goldmine is new deployments of HP Remote Support and registration of iLO4 to the service.  The Enable-HPiLOERSIRSConnection cmdlet will easily allow you to set these settings for any number of servers.  Just pipe in a list of destinations and then let the Powershell do the heavy lifting.

You may grab the tools from HP by going to www.hp.com/go/PowerShell with no login required.

Quick Reference of All HP iLO cmdlets

Name Synopsis
Add-HPiLOSSORecord Add a new HP SIM Single Sign-On (SSO) Server Record.
Add-HPiLOUser Adds a local user account to the iLO.
Clear-HPiLOAHSData Clear the AHS information from the AHS logs.
Clear-HPiLOEventLog Clear the iLO event logs.
Clear-HPiLOIML Clear the Integrated Management Logs.
Clear-HPiLOPowerOntime Clears the virtual clock counter without power-cycling the server.
Disable-HPiLOERSIRSConnection Disables Insight Remote Support functionality and un-registers the server.
Disable-HPiLOSecurityMessage Disables the display of security text message in the iLO Login Banner.
Dismount-HPiLOVirtualMedia Dismounts the Virtual Media image if one is mounted.
Enable-HPiLOERSIRSConnection Connect to the Insight Remote Support server and register the server
Enable-HPiLOFIPS Enables the Federal Information Processing Standard Enforce AES/3DES Encryption setting.
Enable-HPiLOSecurityMessage Enables the security text message in the iLO Login Banner.
Find-HPiLO Find list of iLO in a specified subnet.
Get-HPiLOAHSStatus Gets the AHS status.
Get-HPiLOAssetTag Gets the Asset tag.
Get-HPiLOCertificateSigningRequest Gets the Certificate Signing Request status.
Get-HPiLODefaultLanguage Gets the default language on iLO.
Get-HPiLODirectory Gets the current directory configuration.
Get-HPiLODriveInfo Gets the drive status of the server.
Get-HPiLOERSSetting Gets the Integrated Remote Support setting.
Get-HPiLOEventLog Gets the iLO event logs.
Get-HPiLOFan Gets the Fan health details from the server.
Get-HPiLOFIPSStatus Gets the current ‘Enforce AES/3DES Encryption’ status.
Get-HPiLOFirmwareInfo Gets the firmware details for the iLO.
Get-HPiLOFirmwareVersion Gets the iLO firmware version.
Get-HPiLOGlobalSetting Gets the iLO global settings.
Get-HPiLOHealthSummary Gets the health information summary of the host server.
Get-HPiLOHostAPO Gets the current Automatic Power On and Power On Delay settings.
Get-HPiLOHostData Gets the host data displayed on the Server Information page.
Get-HPiLOHostPower Gets the power state of the server.
Get-HPiLOHostPowerMicroVersion Gets the Power Micro Version number.
Get-HPiLOHostPowerSaver Gets the state of the processor power regulator feature of the server.
Get-HPiLOHotKeyConfig Gets hot keys available for use in remote console sessions.
Get-HPiLOIML Gets the integrated management logs.
Get-HPiLOLanguage Gets all languages on the iLO.
Get-HPiLOLicense Gets the license types and keys.
Get-HPiLOMemoryInfo Gets the memory details for the host server where the iLO is located.
Get-HPiLOModuleVersion Gets the module details for the HPiLOCmdlets.
Get-HPiLONetworkSetting Gets the current network settings.
Get-HPiLONICInfo Gets the NIC details for the system NIC and the iLO NIC.
Get-HPiLOOAInfo Gets the Onboard Administrator information from the enclosure where iLO is located.
Get-HPiLOOneTimeBootOrder Gets the current state of the one-time boot.
Get-HPiLOPersistentBootOrder Gets the current boot order.
Get-HPiLOPowerAlertThreshold Gets the power alert threshold for the iLO devices.
Get-HPiLOPowerCap Gets the power cap of the server.
Get-HPiLOPowerOnTime Gets the virtual clock value, in minutes, since the server was last powered on.
Get-HPiLOPowerReading Gets the power readings from the server power supply.
Get-HPiLOPowerSupply Gets the power supply details for the host server where the iLO is located.
Get-HPiLOProcessor Gets the processor details for the host server.
Get-HPiLOProfile Gets all the Profile Descriptors and the data stored in them in the perm directory of the blobstore.
Get-HPiLOProfileApplyResult Retrieves the result of the Invoke-HPiLOProfileApply cmdlet.
Get-HPiLORackSetting Gets the rack settings for an iLO.
Get-HPiLOSecurityMessage Gets the security message for the iLO login screen.
Get-HPiLOServerName Gets the host server name used by iLO.
Get-HPiLOSNMPIMSetting Gets the respective iLO
SNMP IM settings.
Get-HPiLOSpatial Gets the location information and system data with HP Asset Manager to obtain more precise and complete asset data.
Get-HPiLOSSOSetting Gets the SSO Setting for the iLO.
Get-HPiLOStorageController Gets the storage controller of the server.
Get-HPiLOTemperature Gets the temperature health details of the server
Get-HPiLOUIDStatus Gets the UID Status of the server.
Get-HPiLOUser Gets the information for a local user.
Get-HPiLOUserInfo Gets detailed information for all local users.
Get-HPiLOUserList Gets a list of all local users.
Get-HPiLOVMStatus Gets the Virtual Media drive status.
Get-HPiLOVRM Gets the Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) health details from the server.
Import-HPiLOCertificate Imports a signed certificate into iLO.
Import-HPiLOSSHKey Imports an SSH Key and
associated username into iLO.
Invoke-HPiLOProfileApply Applies a deployment setting profile in iLO 4.
Invoke-HPiLOProfileDownload Modifies a Profile Description, downloads a specific blob, and writes the blob to the blob store.
Mount-HPiLOVirtualMedia Mounts the specified media image.
Remove-HPiLOProfile Removes a deployment profile.
Remove-HPiLOSSORecord Removes an HP SIM Trusted
SSO Server record.
Remove-HPiLOUser Removes an existing local user account.
Remove-HPiLOUserSSHKey Removes any SSH keys associated with a particular UserLogin.
Reset-HPiLOAdministratorPassword Resets the administrator password to a default value.
Reset-HPiLORIB Resets the iLO.
Reset-HPiLOServer Resets the host server on which the iLO is operating.
Set-HPiLOAHSStatus Enables or disables AHS logging.
Set-HPiLOAssetTag Sets or clears the asset tag.
Set-HPiLOBrownout Turns the brownout recovery feature on or off.
Set-HPiLOComputerLockConfig Configures the computer lock settings.
Set-HPiLODefaultLanguage Sets the default language on iLO.
Set-HPiLODirectory Modifies the directory settings on iLO.
Set-HPiLOFactoryDefault Sets the Lights-Out device to factory default settings.
Set-HPiLOGlobalSetting Modifies global settings of the host server.
Set-HPiLOHostAPO Sets the automatic power-on and power-on-delay settings.
Set-HPiLOHostPower Toggles the power on the host server.
Set-HPiLOHostPowerSaver Sets the power regulator setting for the server processor.
Set-HPiLOHotKeyConfig Configures the remote console hot key settings in iLO.
Set-HPiLOKerberosConfig Configures the Kerberos authentication.
Set-HPiLOLicenseKey Applies a license key for the Integrated Lights-Out Advanced Pack.
Set-HPiLOLockConfiguration Enable the data-center configuration lock for iLO.
Set-HPiLONetworkSetting Modifies the network settings of the host server where the iLO is located.
Set-HPiLOOneTimeBootOrder Sets one time boot order.
Set-HPiLOPassword Changes the password of a local user.
Set-HPiLOPersistentBootOrder Sets the persistent boot order.
Set-HPiLOPowerAlertThreshold Sets the power alert threshold value for the iLO.
Set-HPiLOPowerCap Sets the power cap feature on the host server.
Set-HPiLORBSUPOSTIP Configures the management processor RBSU to display the IP address during POST.
Set-HPiLOSchemalessDirectory Modifies the current schemaless directory configuration on iLO.
Set-HpiLOServerName Assigns the Server Name attribute shown in the user interface and host RBSU.
Set-HPiLOSharedNetworkPort Configures Lights-Out device to pass network traffic on the shared host network port.
Set-HPiLOSNMPIMSetting Modifies the respective iLO SNMP IM settings.
Set-HPiLOSSOSetting Modifies the HP SSO settings for the iLO.
Set-HPiLOUIDStatus Toggles the UID on the host server.
Set-HPiLOUser Modifies an existing local user account present in the iLO.
Set-HPiLOVirtualPowerButton Simulates the physical press of the power button, press and hold of the power button, coldboot and warm boot of the server.
Set-HPiLOVLAN Configures the iLO Shared Network Port with a user defined VLAN ID.
Set-HPiLOVMPortSetting Configures the virtual media port functionality for the iLO.
Set-HPiLOVMStatus Sets the virtual media drive status.
Start-HPiLOERSAHSSubmission Initiates Active Health System data submission to the Insight Remote Support server.
Start-HPiLOL2Collection Initiates an L2 data collection submission to the Insight Remote Support server.
Start-HPiLOTestEvent Initiates a test service event submission to the Insight Remote Support server.
Update-HPiLOFirmware Update iLO firmware.
Update-HPiLOModuleVersion Checks to determine if a newer version of the HPiLOCmdlets is available on the HP website for download.

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