Unleash Your Data With Intelligent Storage

  Coming to you live from California at the Tech Field Day event, #TFDx, @HPE_Storage , #NthSymp2019   Kicking things off is Beth Joseph. Unleash Your Data With Intelligent Storage. What does this mean? It’s about the vision. Intelligence changes everything. Dawn of the intelligence Era Flash era Speed simplicity efficiency   Cloud Era agility […]

Who is Clumio and how do they play in the cloud

Who is Clumio:     Clumio Background $51M+ Raised In Series A and B Founded 2017 – Built on the public cloud Co-founders Poojan Kumar : CEO Oracle Exadata Co-founder, PernixData CEO, Nutanix VP Engineering and Products Woon Ho Jung : CTO : VMware, PernixData, Nutanix Kaustubh Patil : VP of Engineering : VMware, PernixData, […]

Palo Alto Networks

Next Gen Firewalls with a Side of Cloud Services

Having been at Palo Alto Networks’ Ignite conference just two weeks prior I approached their presentation at Security Field Day Two with more than a little curiosity. Would they be making a surprise acquisition announcement, or maybe show off a new product? To no real surprise it was neither as Nir Zuk continued the messaging […]

Announcing Zerto 7.0 IT Resilience Platform

Zerto recently announced their latest release, Zerto 7.0 IT Resilience Platform.  Zerto is already well know for its backup/recovery product.  They have taken the next step with this release, replacing periodic backup with continuous data protection combined with powerful journaling technology for both short-term and long-term data retention. This release converges disaster recovery, backup and cloud […]

Windows Backup and Virtualization using Vembu BDR pt2

Continued from part 1 here So, as i was saying a backup is no good unless you can restore, and as simple and intuitive Vembu’s windows Backup has been, let test an intriguing facility of BDR Quick VM Restore, allowing you to boot a backup as a virtual machine, facilitating migration to a virtual environment or […]

Windows Backup and Virtualization using Vembu BDR pt1.

Windows Backup and Virtualization using Vembu BDR One of the most appealing functionalities of Vembu BDR was the ability to back up stand-alone windows machines, and should the need occur, recover a backed up machine to a virtual machine, thus offering a easy route to migrating physical servers or workstations to a virtual machine. I […]

Vembu Technologies, Simple backup and virtualization solution?

  At the end of last year, we were approached by Vembu technologies about producing some content for them, now to be honest they are not a company I have had any experience with and I wasn’t aware of their products. So as would any self-respecting admin/Blogger would do, I paid a visit to their […]

Predictions for 2019, Part 2

Part 2, continued from here  AI/Machine Learning: Alan Conboy, office of the CTO, Scale Computing “In 2019 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will nearly reach its full potential by connecting and processing data faster over a global distribution of edge computing platforms. AI and ML insights have always been available, but possibly leveraged […]