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Microsoft leaks Windows 7 to BitTorrent dilberately?

by Philip Sellers

Caught this on headline on Slashdot: Windows 7 Leaked To Pirates By Microsoft?

I immediately think, this might be the smartest thing Microsoft has done in a while, if its true. This has created a lot of free publicity that the company might not have otherwise experienced from the product and its creating a lot of interest, cause face it… we all secretly want what we’re not supposed to have, right? Human nature?

That is besides the point, the theory is pretty cool.  This would certainly be a much more effective way to improve their image in the wake of the abysmal Seinfield/Gates commercials… I’m generally a fan boy of one of the more secretive technology companies out there, but in this case, Microsoft may be onto something. Also, I have to admit, I’m liking what I see in Windows 7. And I hear its fast. I can’t wait for the official beta program to begin from Microsoft. I’m hearing we may see that at CES…

For more, see Slashdot or Microsoft Watch on eWeek.

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