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Microsoft officially kills Money (updated)

by Philip Sellers

I’ve been a loyal Microsoft Money user since 2004 – well, maybe 2003.  My transaction logs go back to mid-2004, but I think I decided to start over with a new data file in 2004.  I’d played with MS Money since 2003 sometime, but I seriously approached it in 2004.  Yesterday, I learned, Microsoft will be killing the product.  It will no longer be for sale at the end of this month and automatic services for the product will go dark in two years.

Microsoft Money was the one product that I haven’t found a suitable alternative for on the Mac.  And having years of data in its proprietary format doesn’t help, either.  Really, there are great Mac software options, including Quicken for Mac (maybe Quicken Financial Life sometime soon), Moneywell or Moneydance.

My problem is getting my data converted into these products and preserving my budget categories and some of the data consistency I’ve worked hard to put together.  My one gripe across the board with the Mac based money management products is that they don’t offer the seamless online tie in and automatic downloads that Money does – even Quicken.  With Quicken 2007, even though my bank is listed as an automatic download option, my bank’s enhanced security defeats the product’s download function.  Same goes for Moneywell. (UPDATE: Thanks to my Quicken Financial Life beta forum, I was able to find the magic recipe to get online updates working on QFL and Moneywell with my primary bank!)  Mint.com can do it, you should be able too.

What Mint.com doesn’t do it account for my history – my years of prior data.  Same with Quickens Online solution.  I also didn’t like their categorization.  In the least, Quicken online should be able to upload QIF files of all my data to setup my accounts.  I pray that this feature soon comes.

So, I’m stuck.  I have to find something between now and June 2011 when all my much-loved, automatic services go dark.  I’m searching… more soon…

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